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We Are Hiring!

  • Competitive Weekly Pay – This is hard work and we recognize that!

  • Local Jobs – Only work in your preferred area(s)

  • Commitment - We follow through with all of our actions as a company.

  • Get Matched with More Clients in Less Time with Less Stress

  • We Handle All Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and Technology

  • Great Support from the Clock Clean Services Team

  • Keep 100% of Your Tips

  • Receive Bonus Pay for 5-Star Reviews and Outstanding Performance

  • Flexible Hours Allow You to Set Your Own Schedule

  • I Applied, Now What?
    Awesome, We are reviewing your submission and we will get back to you within two business days. If you do not hear from us after two business days we encourage you to reach out and send us an email:
  • How Often Will I Get Paid?
    Since you're an independent provider it is called a settlement. We process these every week for all the jobs completed the previous week. It is required for you to send us an invoice every week before we can send your settlement payment.
  • How Soon Can I Start Working?
    We try to make everything run as quickly and smoothly as possible for us to be able to get you started on the job after being recruited. We have an easy process where you will be able to start working within 5 days of being hired.
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